(Just here for the slides? Voila: Voxxed Zurich Edition and the Voxxed Vienna Edition.)

Serverless computing is quite the rage today. It enables companies to move to a platform with basically limitless capacity and it allows teams to embrace DevOps right from the start. So, this is the silver bullet we have waited for and everybody should embrace it. Right?

Well, it depends…

In this talk, we will look at different scenarios and approaches to building and designing complex Serverless applications on AWS beyond your basic “Hello World”. We will cover architectures and patterns that help in adopting Serverless, for example how to design your Serverless landscape without getting lost in event-driven-chaos. Covering the whole development process, we will look at real-world problems like testing, debugging, monitoring and securing your Serverless applications. Furthermore, we will use some of the essential tools that make working with AWS Lambda easier, such as using Claudia.JS. Finally, we will discuss the drawbacks and misconceptions, like potential vendor lock-in and the illusion of NoOps.

If you find Serverless computing interesting, then this talk will show you how to adapt this architectural style without getting burned too much.